Saturday, February 20, 2010

Time for a new post!


I have been rehearsing for Musical of Musicals The Musical! And it is going very well. I have awesome ASM's Patricia and Jennifer, Barbara is alright too! Anyway we are almost done with our second week of rehearsals only two more to go! Which is very exciting! VERY! EXCITING!

In the last few weeks we had the opportunity to take "Whales, Save Us!" to ACTF (American College Theatre Festival). We took two scenes and it was a blast to get back together with some of the old cast and remount the show. We went to Saint George and it was a blast, Except for one school that had something stuck up their nose! Anyway we put "Whales, Save Us!" (The Revenge) to bed again, and no offense to anyone but can that be the last time we do that show, it was weird to relive it and rehearse it again!

Let's see what else is going on, Joe is great! working a lot and he likes it so thats fine. This semesters classes are slightly easy, but life goes on.

I am really missing Layton Productions right now, I really would give anything in the world to have the ability to be here in Las Vegas and get the connections I am making here but still be working for Layton! Anyway i guess you can't have everything you want in life so i just have to be happy with what I have.

I went and Saw Jubilee on the strip it was my favorite show I have seen in Las Vegas it was AMAZZZZZING!

Miss America was last month Here in Vegas, it was fantastic, I got to meet lots of great people including my Favorite Miss America Erika Dunlap! (Thank you Lisa). Princess was in town for the week which ROCKED!

Tara came for a few days with her mom and dustin, we Saw REBA in concert with George Straight and Leann Womack! What a great show it was really long we were in our seats for 5 hours!!!!! one concert! Wow! But it was great going with Tara! She may come down again for her big birthday bash!

OH and my brother and his wife are having the first girl to be in our family late march! Boy oh Boy she is already spoiled, everyone keeps saying what if she comes out a he and so there is a little worry in that!

Well thats all for now!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

First week done

well first week of classes are done, thats nice, nothing huge and exciting happening.

Joe and I finished all his remodeling and got him all signed up for a new realtor which is great!

The show I did this fall "whales Save Us" has had some scenes selected to go to the regional college festival which is very exciting! So we have to start putting that all back together to make sure its good to go.

Big news, I ordered a Kindle! for a few reasons, but for the same prices as one of my text books, I can get the Kindle, then i can download the plays we were going to read out of the pricey book are free or 99 cents!

Lost two pounds today! Felt great! Wish i had P90X TARA!

Well thats all for now!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wedding! (A Gay Wedding, which means something different now then it did 20 years ago)

Today I went to a wedding with Joe, it was not a gay as in gay wedding but it was wonderful, it was my Professor Tylo and his now wife! She was beautiful! Gorgeous! Amazing! Couldn't have looked better. Then we went to a little reception at the Bellagio which was wonderful!

Then to visit Joe's friend that is in the hospital while Joe is at work!

School starts tomorrow, which is fine, I dont have a ton to do this semester especially until feb. 8th and after march 21st but thats okay. That will give me plenty of time for playing Wii!

Im pretty sure that going back to school is one of the worst feelings in the world, Its not that i hate it, however it has been wonderful doing nothing ;-)

I'll let you know all about my classes soon!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Well the last few days I have been working on getting joe's house cleaned up and ready to sell, remodeling and making it look sellable! It looks great now!

I have been putting together our video from Disney land, over 120 minutes of footage that i have to edit and add pictures and music, so thats going well!

I started a facebook page for Katy and Brandon's video blog, and we are getting up there in fans, we really want to reach 1000! Huge party when we do!

Nothing huge to report, I did book plan tickets to Logan for Miss Cache Valley, that will be so much fun, will have to go shopping to get something to wear!

Well thats it! more later!

OH P.S. Tuition went up, and looks to go up next semester too! I think that they should sign you in at the rate you start at... just sayin!

Dear Tara, P90X called they want to see me.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Okay, New Year, New Blog Start


So so so so much has happened since my last post, to much really to type, so I am going to just move on from here!

Joe and I spent the day redoing his bathroom and bedroom, it looks great, but man it was tiring, new tile and paint, and completely moving and redoing all his furniture don't really know why however because he lives with me! Oh wait I do know why its so he can sell that place!

He brought over his Giant TV its big but its going to allow me to play Wii better! Speaking of Wii I LOVE the new mario brothers! I cant stop playing it, i fill like I'm addicted I just wish it would help me burn Calories!

Oh and on the Calorie thing I am going to start P90X (as soon as Tara sends it to me) So Ill keep you up to dat on that, I have got to get rid of my Relief society arms (yea thats for all you Utah folk)

Well thats it for now! But more is coming IM sure!!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

So So Sorry, its been a while I know!

The last few weeks have been very very busy! I have been rehearsing and stage managing and doing school and trying to sleep!

But things are going good here in Las Vegas it has finally started to cool down and you can really enjoy the weather now a days.

We have been finding lots of fun ways to entertain ourselves. Katy and I have started a Video blog in class and while doing SM stuff its very funny and sometimes makes no sense but its funny!

I started growing a beard, it actually is looking pretty good.

This is after one week of growing

This is after two weeks of growing
Not bad Eh?

Lets see, Katy and I also started a new class, its a special events management class its long (3 hours) on mondays and wednesdays but life goes on. I really like the professor but sometimes the class is long and makes you a smidge tired (see picture below)

So tired....

Lets see, what else. Nothing hugely exciting really, just school and rehearsal but it will be slower in a few weeks as the shows come to a close. I think im making a huge 16 foot puppet for our version of Christmas Carol which i am very excited about! My parents and Grandparents are coming to visit in four weeks. Im still loosing weight! I need to go shopping but im to cheap! (i think Katy and I should start getting sponsors for our blog so that we can afford these things) (thats a great Idea we could add little commercials to our video blog) (funny) (love it)

Okay well!

I will do my best to give you more regular updates!


Friday, October 9, 2009

So accomplished

yet didnt do much!

I spent the day getting things done, looking ahead.

Got a lot of stuff done for school, breakfast with joe, and even some line memorizing!

How fun is that! ITs been a great day! I feel really grounded here. I love Las Vegas!