Saturday, February 20, 2010

Time for a new post!


I have been rehearsing for Musical of Musicals The Musical! And it is going very well. I have awesome ASM's Patricia and Jennifer, Barbara is alright too! Anyway we are almost done with our second week of rehearsals only two more to go! Which is very exciting! VERY! EXCITING!

In the last few weeks we had the opportunity to take "Whales, Save Us!" to ACTF (American College Theatre Festival). We took two scenes and it was a blast to get back together with some of the old cast and remount the show. We went to Saint George and it was a blast, Except for one school that had something stuck up their nose! Anyway we put "Whales, Save Us!" (The Revenge) to bed again, and no offense to anyone but can that be the last time we do that show, it was weird to relive it and rehearse it again!

Let's see what else is going on, Joe is great! working a lot and he likes it so thats fine. This semesters classes are slightly easy, but life goes on.

I am really missing Layton Productions right now, I really would give anything in the world to have the ability to be here in Las Vegas and get the connections I am making here but still be working for Layton! Anyway i guess you can't have everything you want in life so i just have to be happy with what I have.

I went and Saw Jubilee on the strip it was my favorite show I have seen in Las Vegas it was AMAZZZZZING!

Miss America was last month Here in Vegas, it was fantastic, I got to meet lots of great people including my Favorite Miss America Erika Dunlap! (Thank you Lisa). Princess was in town for the week which ROCKED!

Tara came for a few days with her mom and dustin, we Saw REBA in concert with George Straight and Leann Womack! What a great show it was really long we were in our seats for 5 hours!!!!! one concert! Wow! But it was great going with Tara! She may come down again for her big birthday bash!

OH and my brother and his wife are having the first girl to be in our family late march! Boy oh Boy she is already spoiled, everyone keeps saying what if she comes out a he and so there is a little worry in that!

Well thats all for now!

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  1. Brandon, I LOVE you!!! Thank you so much for the totally cute magnet you got for Aria. I wish you could have been there to see her face. She absolutely loves it and blushes when she talks about how you got it just for her. You are seriously the best. I adore you :)